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How can you help?

A Pedestrian saw an old man begging on the pavement of the road, forbearance in his hear made him ask:

"Why, oh God, do you not have a heart? Why donít you do something? "

To which God replied,

"I did do something, I made you."

-- Old Sufi saying

Well, If you want to help bring a smile in someone's life, please donate to Helping Hands from this site by clicking here and we shall make sure you know where, when and how your donations are helping to change someone's life!

Want to be part of our family or want to help us bringing in more help? You can sure do so by doing us the following favors:

Join us:
Be a core member make a donation worth two meals every month to our trust. Believe me it will be the best expense for your entire month.
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Like us on Facebook.
If you blog link our webpage to your blogs.
If you use email to keep in touch for work and home then please add Helping Hands message to your signature line and spread the word among your friends, family and colleagues.
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